The Da Vinci Hotel, JHB 2010 with Stephen Falcke


“I had such fun painting for 8 days on site in an empty shop in The Da Vinci Mall outside the Maximillion Restaurant in the Nelson Mandela Square.

My brief from Stephen Falcke is everything must be linear in black, white, grey and silver. What a challenge!!

Huge canvases for the 3 lifts and others for the lift Lobbys.

“Bron was one of a handful of artists commissioned by the Legacy Group to create art for their new project, the Da Vinci Hotel and Penthouse Suites.

In their on-going belief and commitment to support local South African artists, the Legacy Group are always looking for ways to include local South African artists in their projects. They have realized that using original artworks and working with Master creators in their field like Stephen Falcke their projects are truly ahead of their time.

Labelled as “one of the Featured Artists in 2010”, the Legacy Group felt that Bron’s work fitted with the profile as an artist to support. With Bron not too long ago having completed work on a piece for Madonna’s Port Production studio in London where her brief was shades of green and white, now it is Black and White for the Da Vinci Hotel. The 3 huge panels will be installed into the lifts making this a first in South Africa. As Leonardo created masterpieces ahead of his time so too does Bron by the use of paint that is totally unique to her. She uses this paint to create fluidity in her art.


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