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About Bron


Swirling into the art scene with a breath of fresh air and style that’s unique and totally her own, is Bron Stofberg, contemporary artist.


In one style - Bron uses oil based paints on canvas using a unique formula to create a reaction that flows, pulls, blends, speckles and merges and producing an amazing sheen that draws one in to inspect nose to canvas. Admirers are fascinated by the glossy “wet look” of the paintings always wanting to touch and run a finger over the surface. 

Clients are always amazed that not a single paint brush is used in her technique only the pouring of tiny bottles, palette knives, hairdryers and other handy household tools!

Now days Bron is as busy painting in  acrylics. This enables her to complete entire homes creating a story of artworks without duplicating any particular style.

Each of her original artworks is custom made to size, colours and style choice of the client.

Bron's art has found new homes in many up-market homes all over South Africa and many made their way overseas.

In 2007, Bron was approached by Horak Venter, a top Interior Design company in Umhlanga who commissioned her to paint a custom designed piece of art for a Post Production House co-owned by Madonna, in Soho, London in 2007. 

The brief from the Decorators / clients was very specific, but restrictive from an artists creative point of view! They asked for two 4m long pieces using only green and white paints and incorporating the theme of the company - movies! 

Well, the challenge was set and so began her many sleepless nights! After a while, not only were the trees and grass green, but so was everything else!

She came up with the idea of a film reel graduating from light to dark green, heavily textured paint and was even able to use the company logo to give it a personal touch.

The final product was beautiful - 2 paintings, mirror images of each other running in opposite directions. They were then put on a ship and set sail for London!


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